Design and Analysis of Experiments

Adam Kashlak (University of Alberta)

Jan 1, 2021 — Jun 1, 2021

About the course

We will cover classical and modern methods of experimental design starting with one-way ANOVA and Cochran’s Theorem. From there, we will consider multi-factor ANOVA using a variety of combinatorial tools such as Graeco-Latin squares and incomplete block designs. There will be a brief interlude on multiple testing followed by 2 and 3 level factorial designs, fractional factorial designs, and blocking within such designs. Then, response surface designs—i.e. quadratic polynomial surfaces used for optimization of industrial processes–will be discussed. Lastly, more advanced topics will be touched on such as prime-level factorial designs and the Plackett-Burman design, which involves Hadamard matrices. Interesting datasets, connections to optimal coding theory, and at-home experiments will also be discussed. For study purposes, discussion questions will be included with the lectures and solutions will be discussed in class.


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Design and Analysis of Experiments
Jan 1, 2021 — Jun 1, 2021
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