Graph Theory

Karen Meagher (University of Regina) , Joy Morris (University of Lethbridge) , Karen Gunderson (University of Manitoba)

Sep 1, 2020 — Dec 30, 2020

About the course

The Fall 2020 offering of Math 827, Graph Theory will consist of three units on advanced graph theory topics.

The first unit will be 6 weeks will be on algebraic techniques in graph theory taught by Dr. Karen Meagher of the University of Regina. The focus will be on spectral graph theory, adjacency matrices and eigenvalues of graphs. We will consider important families of transitive graphs where algebraic methods are particularly effective.

The second unit will be 3 weeks on Cayley graphs, taught by Dr. Joy Morris from the University of Lethbridge. This unit will focus on automorphisms, isomorphisms and the isomorphism problem, and Hamilton cycles, all in the context of Cayley graphs.

The third unit will be 3 weeks on the topic of random graphs taught by Dr Karen Gunderson from the University of Manitoba. This unit will cover various models of random graphs and some types of pseudorandomness.


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Graph Theory
Sep 1, 2020 — Dec 30, 2020
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  • Karen Meagher

    University of Regina

  • Joy Morris

    University of Lethbridge

  • Karen Gunderson

    University of Manitoba

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