Introduction to Vertex Algebras and Their Representation Theory

Fei Qi (University of Manitoba)

Jan 1, 2021 — Jun 1, 2021

About the course

Vertex algebras are algebraic structures formed by the vertex operators that appear both in mathematics and in physics. In mathematics, vertex algebras are used to study the Monster group, the largest finite simple group. The representation theory of vertex algebras gives a mathematical construction to two-dimensional conformal field theories. In this course, we will take an axiomatic approach and focus on the definition, axioms, properties and examples. If time permits, we will also introduce the theory of vertex tensor categories associated to the modules for the vertex operator algebras.


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Introduction to Vertex Algebras and Their Representation Theory
Jan 1, 2021 — Jun 1, 2021
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MATH 8510
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Reference texts

  1. Lepowsky-Li, Introduction to vertex algebras and its representation theory
  2. Vertex Operator Algebras and the Monster by Igor Frenkel, James Lepowsky, and Arne Meurman
  3. A series of papers by Yi-Zhi Huang, Jim Lepowsky and Lin Zhang on intertwining operators and vertex tensor categories.