Analytic Number Theory I

Habiba Kadiri (University of Lethbridge)

Sep 1, 2022 — Dec 31, 2022

About the course

This is a first course in analytic number theory. In this course we will focus on the theory of the Riemann zeta function and of prime numbers. The goal of this course will include proving explicit bounds for the number $\pi(x)$ of primes which are less than a given number $x$. Building analytical tools to prove the prime number theorem (PNT) will be at the core of this course. We will explore and compare explicit formulas, whether they are using smooth weights or a truncated Perron formula, to relate averages over primes and $\pi(x)$ to sums over the zeros of zeta. Another originality of this course will be to explore each topic explicitly (essentially by computing all the hidden terms implied in the asymptotic estimates). With this respect, students will get an introduction to relevant programming languages and computational software. This will be closely connected to Analytic Number Theory 2 by Greg Martin (UBC), as the sequences of topics are coordinated between us; the intention is for students at all PIMS institutions to be able to take the second analytic number theory course as a continuation of the first one with maximum benefit. In addition, these two courses will provide excellent training for students who plan to attend the “Inclusive Paths in Explicit Number Theory” CRG summer school in 2023. All these events are part of the PIMS CRG “L-functions in Analytic Number Theory” (2022-2025).


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Analytic Number Theory I
Sep 1, 2022 — Dec 31, 2022
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MATH 5460
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