Computer Algebra

Michael Monagan (Simon Fraser University)

Sep 1, 2023 — Dec 31, 2023

About the course

A course on algorithms for algebraic computation and tools for computing with multivariate polynomials, polynomial ideals, exact linear algebra, and algebraic numbers. Tools include the Fast Fourier Transform, Groebner bases, and the Schwartz-Zippel Lemma. We will use Maple as a calculator and as a programming language to implement algorithms. Instruction in Maple usage and programming will be provided.


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Enrollment Details

Course Name
Computer Algebra
Sep 1, 2023 — Dec 31, 2023
Course Number
MATH 800
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Other Course Details

Lecture Times

Lectures are on Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:30am to 11:20am (Pacific Time) .

Remote Access

Lectures will be shared via zoom. Students will need to have installed the zoom app on their desktop/laptop.