Moments of L-functions

Alia Hamieh (University of Northern British Columbia)

Sep 1, 2023 — Dec 31, 2023

About the course

This course is an advanced graduate course in number theory, designed to follow Analytic Number Theory I taught by Prof. Habiba Kadiri (University of Lethbridge) in Fall 2022 and Analytic Number Theory II taught by Prof. Greg Martin (UBC) in Winter 2023. All three of these courses are part of the current PIMS CRG “L-functions in Analytic Number Theory”. In this course, we will establish estimates for moments of L-functions and explore the tools needed to study them including approximate functional equations, zero density estimates, zero free regions, mean value estimates for Dirichlet polynomials, large sieve inequalities, Poisson and Voronoi summation formulae, shifted convolution sums, holomorphic modular forms and associated L-functions, trace formulae, and the spectral theory of automorphic forms.


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Moments of L-functions
Sep 1, 2023 — Dec 31, 2023
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MATH 740
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