Algebraic Topology

Martin Frankland (University of Regina)

Jan 6, 2025 — Apr 11, 2025

About the course

The course is a first semester of algebraic topology. Broadly speaking, algebraic topology studies spaces and shapes by assigning algebraic invariants to them. Topics will include the fundamental group, covering spaces, CW complexes, homology (simplicial, singular, cellular), cohomology, and some applications.


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Enrollment Details

Course Name
Algebraic Topology
Jan 6, 2025 — Apr 11, 2025
Course Number
MATH 842
Section Number
Section 001
Section Code
CRN: 12237


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Other Course Details

Remote Access

The class will be in a hybrid format hosted in a classroom equipped with hyflex technology.

Lecture notes will be projected on the screen, shared simultaneously on Zoom, and posted afterwards on the course website.