Analytic and diophantine number theory with applications to arithmetic geometry

Nils Bruin (Simon Fraser University)

Jan 6, 2025 — Apr 9, 2025

About the course

This course provides an introduction into analytic number theoretic methods with applications to arithmetic geometry. We will study Dirichlet series with applications to distributions of prime numbers and as examples of L-series. We will also look at modular forms and their applications to the arithmetic of elliptic curves and their moduli spaces. We will also consider results in diophantine approximation, such as lower bounds on linear combinations of logs of algebraic numbers, with as application Siegel’s theorem on finiteness of integral points on elliptic curves.


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Analytic and diophantine number theory with applications to arithmetic geometry
Jan 6, 2025 — Apr 9, 2025
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The class will be held in a room equipped with controllable cameras. The instructor will write on whiteboards in this room and the camera controls used to provide clear views of the boards.