Introduction to Cohomology of Arithmetic Groups

Manish Patnaik (University of Alberta)

Sep 3, 2024 — Dec 9, 2024

About the course

The most basic example of an arithmetic group is $\Gamma=SL_n(Z),$ and understanding the cohomology of this group (and its close relatives) will be the basic theme of this course. The cohomology we are interested in can also be identified with that of the locally symmetric space $\Gamma \setminus X$ where, in this case, $X= SL_n(R)/ SO(n)$ is a generalization of the (complex) upper half plane. As such, a diverse set of techniques, stemming from geometry, topology, harmonic analysis, and number theory can be used to analyze the situation. After carefully developing the basics of the subject, we will present some of the major developments in this area (mostly from the 1960s-1970s), and then end with an overview of modern directions.


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Sep 3, 2024 — Dec 9, 2024
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Lecture Times

  • Dates: Sep. 3 - Dec. 9
  • Class Time: Tuesday/Thursday, 16-17:20 (Mountain Time)

Remote Access

The lecturer will use a tablet connected to zoom/camera to live stream lectures and notes. Hand written (from table) and typed lecture notes will be distributed.