Fundamental models in fluid dynamics

David Goluskin (University of Victoria)

Jan 6, 2025 — Apr 4, 2025

About the course

The course will be an introduction to the behaviour of fluids (liquids and gases) from an applied math perspective, starting with an introduction to the Navier-Stokes equations and other PDEs used to model fluids. The emphasis will be on physically relevant properties of solutions that can be deduced mathematically. The course will have more mathematics than a typical physics or engineering fluids course, including basic functional analysis and variational methods, and it will have more physics than a pure PDE analysis course. Through detailed study of several fundamental model systems, we will see PDE examples of topics that may be more familiar in the context of ODE dynamical systems, such as linear stability, nonlinear stability, bifurcations and chaos. Undergraduate knowledge of PDEs and real analysis are assumed.


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Course Name
Fundamental models in fluid dynamics
Jan 6, 2025 — Apr 4, 2025
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MATH 444/550
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Other Course Details

There will be no exams, only assignments access and submitted online via Crowdmark.

Remote Access

The lecturer will use zoom for each lecture, and lectures will be recorded. Typed lecture notes will be distributed electronically.