Mathematical Classical Mechanics

Lior Silberman (University of British Columbia)

Jan 6, 2025 — Apr 8, 2025

About the course

This course presents classical mechanics to a mixed audience of mathematics and physics undergraduate and graduate students. It is complementary to regular phsyics courses in that while the physics background will be developed the emphasis will be on the resulting mathematical analysis. Physics topics may include Newtonian mechanics and Galilean symmetry, Lagrangian mechanics, conservation laws and Noether’s Theorem, rigid body motion, Hamiltonian mechanics. Mathematical topics may include existence and uniqueness of solutions to ODE, calculus of variations, convexity and Legendre transformations, manifolds, tangent and cotangent vectors, rotations and the orthogonal group.


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Spectral Methods for PDEs
Jan 6, 2025 — Apr 8, 2025
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Other Course Details

Remote Access

Lectures will be held in-person on the UBC campus and on Zoom. Lectures will be recorded and the videos posted to an unlisted but openly accessible YouTube playlist. There will be Zoom office hours and a Piazza discussion board.