Topics in Mathematical Biology: biological image data and shape analysis

Khanh Dao Duc (University of British Columbia)

Sep 3, 2024 — Dec 6, 2024

About the course

Advances in imaging techniques have enabled the access to 3D shapes present in a variety of biological structures: organs, cells, organelles, and proteins. Since biological shapes are related to physiological functions, biological studies are poised to leverage such data, asking a common statistical question: how can we build mathematical and statistical descriptions of biological morphologies and their variations? In this course, we will review recent attempts to use advanced mathematical concepts to formalize and study shape heterogeneity, covering a wide range of imaging methods and applications. The main mathematical focus will be on basics of image processing (segmentation, skeletonization, meshing), Diffeomorphisms and metrics over shape space, optimal transport theory with application for image analysismanifold learning, with some other concepts covered in specific applications (e.g. quasiconformal mapping theory for shape representation, 3D reconstruction in Fourier space…). Students will be encourage to work in groups to present research papers and do a small project to pass the course. This course will also build on the recent BIRS workshop, Joint Mathematics Meetings, and the upcoming SIAM workshops (LSI 2024, SIMODS 2024) on this topic, with some participants to these events invited to contribute to this course and present their research.


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Topics in Mathematical Biology: biological image data and shape analysis
Sep 3, 2024 — Dec 6, 2024
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MATH 612
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